Starting your own travel agency – great small business idea

Recently, travel agencies experience a great increase in popularity. On the market there is a variety of companies offering different kinds of trips. If you enjoy traveling around the world and have some money to invest, you should consider starting up your own travel agency. This viable idea for business may turn out to be perfect for you.

Essential requirements

First of all we should take care of all legal requirements such as acquiring a business license, a permit and vitally an insurance. Moreover, our office should be located in an attractive area. The additional advantage will be a large storefront easily visible from the street. Alternatively, our office can be home-based, in which case we may offer the trips via the Internet. Obviously, such a solution will significantly reduce the initial costs of the investment, however, it may also negatively affect the number of customers, since the majority of people choose traditional travel agencies instead of online ones.

Necessary equipment

First and foremost, we need to purchase office furniture such as desks, book-shelves and chairs. When it comes to electronic devices, obviously we will require a computer, a printer and a fax. Additionally, a very important matter is the appropriate and stylish design of our travel agency, which may help us build a professional and trustworthy image.

Marketing and advertising

A considerable part of the investment should be devoted to a carefully-crafted marketing campaign. First off all, we should consciously develop our image – to achieve our goal, it is worth investing into a full visual identity, that will be coherent with our vision of the company. We will also require some promotional materials such as folders, business cards and flyers. Additionally, utilizing the advantages of external advertising can create the positive awareness among the customers. Finally, we should also take care of the professional and attractive website.

Start-up costs?

From $30,000 to $200,000.

Possibility to work from home? 


Possibility to work part time?


Possibility to enter into a franchise agreement?


Possibility to work remotely?


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