Skateboard manufacturing business

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable upsurge of interest in many of the so-called niche sports. Although such sports cannot compete with some more popular disciplines (e.g. football, volleyball or basketball), they can easily fill a quite huge market gap. One of the good examples here is undoubtedly skateboarding, which gradually gains more and more enthusiasts. Provided that we possess some basic knowledge concerning the production process, the idea of skateboard manufacturing is definitely worth considering.

What should we focus our attention on?
Although different skateboards are characterized by many different parameters, in the field of professional skateboard manufacturing there seems to be one common denominator, namely quality. Indeed, it is precisely this factor which has a direct influence on the success of our business.
When it comes to the materials used in the production process by the majority of the leading skateboard manufacturers, Canadian maple plywood is an unquestionable winner. From the purely economical point of view, the most attractive location for skateboard manufacturing facility is, undoubtedly, the Asian continent (due to very low production costs).
When considering the range of products in our offer, we should not forget about the classic, most popular models, for which there is always high demand. Therefore, it is a good idea for such models to constitute the core of our offer. However, we should also take into account the needs and preferences of some niche target groups, looking for the less ordinary skateboards. For such customers, it is worth to supplement our offer with longboards or cruiser skateboards.
As already mentioned, exceptional quality should be the key asset of our products. The plywood used in the manufacturing process must possess a considerable degree of flexibility. Moreover, a professional skateboard should be characterized by excellent riding properties (achieved by the carefully selected wheels and bearings). The combination of the above features will guarantee great freedom of moves, while at the same time ensuring high comfort of use.

Marketing and customer acquisition
Winning loyal customers requires a properly planned marketing campaign. First and foremost, we should look for potential customers among young people with a firm knowledge about skateboarding. In order to attract their attention to our products, we could organize different kinds of promotional campaigns. A commonly adopted strategy is for example offering sponsorship agreements for talented skateboarders. Under the terms of the agreement, a person is obliged to use our equipment (free of charge) during a variety of sports competitions and contests. In this way, without investing much money, our brand can gradually gain approval among professionals.
Another interesting marketing strategy which is worth considering, is offering our products online. Apart from skateboards, we could extend our offer to include special clothing appropriate for skateboarding. At this point, it needs to be noted, that running a traditional store is more convenient for the client, who may easily assess the quality of our products.

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