Optical salon – small business opportunity

Optical salon

Along with the progress of technology and civilisation, societies are plagued by the spreading illnesses of our era. Stress, inappropriate diet and hygiene, sloppiness regarding basic daily activities, are the causes of cardiac diseases, spinal disorders and vision problems. In the last case, a lot of people put off the decision about visiting a doctor because of the laziness or reluctance to wear corrective glasses on a daily basis. Currently, this branch of medicine, more and more successfully combines aesthetic aspects with the efficiency of the applied methods. Due to this fact, the potential customers of an optical salon have a great range of possibilities available at their disposal. A modern, well equipped optical salon is definitely a great idea for business.

Location and keeping up with changing fashion

From the customer’s point of view, the availability of the optical salon is a very important aspect. First of all, we should consider opening our salon in the vicinity of public places, inhabited by the possibly largest group of potential customers. Thus, the vicinity of a hospital or private doctor’s offices is undoubtedly an attractive location.

To ensure high level of convenience and comfort, we can cooperate with an optician, who would consult patients directly in our optical salon. Such a solution will enable us to broaden the group of our potential customers.

Due to the constantly changing fashion, we should be flexible and systematically adjust the range of offered products to the current market conditions. The diversity of offer, and keeping up with the evolving trends will help us to achieve big success.

The quality of service and the scope of offer

A vital aspect of virtually every kind of business is taking care of the proper quality of service. Desiring to run a high quality optical salon, first of all, we should focus on employing good specialists. The customers very often expect professional advice, which can be offered only by experienced and qualified ophthalmologists.

Another important factor, that may have a significant impact on the success of our business, is the richness of offer. A wider selection of products, enables our customers to choose the optimal (practically and aesthetically) solution from a range of alternatives. Obviously, our offer should be diversified and should match the needs of different age groups. Additionally, to become more competitive, from time to time, we can offer some attractive discounts.

Investment costs

The purchase of the necessary equipment and accessories is connected with considerable funds. The list includes: an ophthalmoscope (eye fundus examination), a phoropter (diagnosing sight defects and choosing appropriate lenses), an auto refractometer (computer examination of visual acuity), a slit lamp, a borescope, an optical pressure gauge, lensmeter, lens grinding devices, polishers, optotypes etc. In order to significantly reduce costs (even by a half) , a good idea is to invest in used equipment.

Furthermore, the purchase of a large amount of rims and lenses (varied in prices) will enable us to cater for the needs of the broader group of customers. Our offer can also be supplemented with sunglasses, glasses cases, contact lenses and other small accessories.

Additionally, other costs connected with running an optical salon include business establishment lease, electricity, gas, salaries of the staff etc. Finally, we should consider starting up a professional website as well as launching a variety of promotional campaigns.

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