Mobile app development – innovative business idea

Modern technologies gradually gain more and more popularity, which is connected with a dynamic expansion of different economy sectors. Innovative solutions are successfully implemented in various areas of life, in order to facilitate a wide range of daily activities. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that mobile applications are increasingly often used, not only by the young, but also by the older generations. A rapid development of this particular branch may be a perfect opportunity for a prospective business. The huge potential of the mobile market is probably best illustrated by the fact that over the past three years the number of downloads of the mobile applications offered by AppStore and Android increased by 850 percent and 200 percent respectively.

Mobile applications – the range of possibilities

Mobile applications are increasingly often installed on various handheld devices such as phones, iPhones, smartphones or iPads. Obviously, an application must be compatible with a given programming platform. Currently, the two most popular platforms include iOS and Android. Mobile applications are not only used for entertainment purposes but also as the powerful business and marketing tools.
Offering mobile applications is a profitable idea for business, due to the considerable financial benefits that can be gained from advertisements. A common practice is offering applications for free, however, containing various forms of advertisements (e.g. banners).
A huge advantage of mobile applications is the fact that they facilitate communication. By adopting them, we can easily contact our customers and present our offer. Additionally, in business, applications are extremely helpful in exchanging various specific data (e.g. reports, messages from the customers, mobile sale systems, access to the internal CRM system).
Generally, mobile applications can be divided into offline applications (running on a device without Internet connection), client applications (interfaces requiring server access and Internet access), and WEB applications (more advanced solutions, adjusted to smaller screens).


A very optimistic predictions concerning the development of mobile applications popularity, result in greater competitiveness on the market. However, constant and high demand for such software shows that investing money into mobile sector is definitely worth considering.
Moreover, research also indicate that users tend to choose mobile applications containing less intrusive advertisements (i.e. such that do not hinder the efficient use of the software). This fact may constitute a valuable for everyone interested in starting a business in mobile sector.

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