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Professional counselling, concerning a variety of life spheres, enables people to tackle many of the everyday problems. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that this kind of services invariably enjoy high popularity. If we possess the asset of firm background knowledge in the field of law, and we are not afraid of new challenges, a very good idea is to open our own legal counselling office.

University degree – is it necessary?
First of all, a law graduate may utilize his or her knowledge, working in different law offices or corporations. Obviously, the demand for graduates from this field is not restricted merely to the abovementioned environments. Qualified law specialists may count on attractive job offers in a large number of companies, representing different branches of economy.
If we think about legal counselling business, basically we have two possibilities – either we can obtain a university degree, or we can offer advices without holding a diploma. It goes without saying, that the second option is connected with many practical inconveniences and hurdles. For instance, we may face a problem with representing a client without having an appropriate education, or we may find it difficult to obtain a liability insurance. Moreover, the range of legal advices we can offer as a non-graduate counsellor is considerably smaller.

Market demand
In the time of financial crisis, more and more people seek for legal counselling services offered at an affordable price. Recently, the most popular kinds of legal advices include these connected with starting a business activity, debt recovery or negotiation between the parties of a legal tussle.
A professional legal counselling office should also offer advices related to the repayment of debts (credits, loans etc.).

Own counselling office is greater credibility
Running our own legal counselling office increases our credibility and makes us more professional and competent. The field of law, due to its very extensive character, is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to master in its entirety. Therefore, we should choose a particular area in which we could specialise. If a given case exceeds our qualifications, we should direct our client to an appropriate specialist. The cooperation with counsellors from different areas of law is definitely worth being considered.

Extending the offer
Apart from legal cases, our counselling office may also provide advices connected with finances or accounting. Such an approach will help us to acquire more clients by offering integrated services that match their profile of activity.
Additionally, in order to become more competitive, a good idea is delivering legal advices via the Internet (either through our own website, or utilizing one of the available legal websites).

Undoubtedly, running a legal counselling business is considerably easier for people with legal training. The main obstacle in the case of counsellors without a diploma is acquiring corporate clients, who require strictly defined terms of cooperation. Additionally, we must take into account that a person without a proper legal training is less credible.

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