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The need of sustaining proper conditions for keeping groceries, results in the fact that supermarkets, shops and restaurants do not cut back on advanced refrigeration systems. Obviously, possessing traditional freezers as well as refrigerators is, nowadays, an absolute necessity. However, huge costs generated by these equipment cause the owners to look for the cheaper alternatives, which could be used at least at certain times of the year. One of the best solutions to this problem is, undoubtedly, making use of the services offered by the companies that run the business of ice blocks and ice cubes manufacturing.

Market demand
Contrary to popular belief, ice in the form of ready-made blocks or smaller cubes is the product for which there is a constant demand – regardless of the time of the year. Ice cubes are, for instance, widely used in restaurants and pubs for cooling beverages. Additionally, ice is also invaluable in catering services. Moreover, ice blocks are frequently used at a fair, for keeping various kinds of foods, including meat or fish.
It also needs to be pointed out, that the range of possible applications of ice is by no means restricted merely to the food segment. A good example is artistic exhibitions, during which professional sculptors make use of the ice blocks to display their aptitude and to create extraordinary sculptures.

The manufacturing process
Our business will include ice cubes and ice blocks manufacturing. First of all, it is vital for us to have a thorough knowledge about the manufacturing process itself – which, by the way, is quite complex. Currently, the most desirable form of ice is crystal, clear ice, for the production of which we will need some special equipment. The necessary requirements are also possessing a proper source of water, as well as a set of professional filters, which are used to remove water pollutants. After being filtered, the water passes through the system of pipes to the huge forms, where it undergoes the process of freezing. Finally, the blocks of crystal ice are cut and shaped by a specialized machine. On average, from 2-3 litres of pure water we can obtain one litre of ice.
It is also important to remember, that ready-made ice blocks have to be stored in certain conditions. The most suitable for this purpose are properly equipped freezing warehouses.
The purchase of specialized ice manufacturing equipment involves investing a considerable sum of money (at least a few hundred thousand dollars). Additionally, we will need an automatic packer machine, freezers appropriate for storing big amounts of ice, as well as a reliable delivery truck. The advantage of investing money into professional equipment is having a highly automated production line at every stage of the manufacturing process. The only tasks which will require human assistance are packing and preparing the product for the transport.

Where to look for the customers?
Contrary to popular opinion, ice cubes or ice blocks are used extensively not only in the food sector. Such products are also useful at a variety of parties, festivals or other events. All of the non-standard orders, connected with different promotional campaigns (ice figures, sculptures, full-sized ice buildings) are a chance to earn money and at the same time advertise our business.

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  1. Anil Bandre says:

    Want to start a small scale business. So thought of starting with ice manufacturing.
    Some more bright ideas are welcomed.

  2. tumi says:

    hi i must say im impresed with this ice manufacturing idea.
    I want to star my own business but i dont know what to do. All i know is that i want an idea that is unique but also help create employment in my community. So i need ideas.
    Thank you

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