How to open your own guest house by the Ocean

Many people seek for the nice and relaxing vacation by the Ocean. They choose such destination not only for longer trips but also for the weekends or just a few days off work. Although the network of accommodation facilities over the coast is well-developed and the competition is strong, opening your own guest house is an attractive idea for business  which can generate income not only in the summer season.


Due to the fact that the US cost is pretty extensive, the choice of the appropriate location for our guest house is not simple. While making a decision, we should pick a place which is frequently visited by tourists not only during the summer season but also during the rest part of the year. Such an approach will help us to generate profit throughout the year, however, obviously it will be greater in the summer.

Equipment and design

Generally, the more guests we are able accommodate, the greater our profit is. However, we should remember that we cannot provide additional beds at the expense of preserving high comfort. The rooms should be decorated in a pleasant way, which will help our visitors relax and rest. Although it is not a strict requirement, each of the rooms should have a separate bathroom. Other basic equipment that should be present in a room include: a TV, a cupboard, a hanger, a table and chairs. Additionally in our guest house we can arrange different attractions for visitors, such as billiards or gym. Moreover it is worth providing a fast Internet access over Wi-fi.


Due to a very strong competition in the market, it is extremely important to prepare a detailed marketing strategy, which will enable us to gain a satisfactory profit. Undoubtedly, we will require a professional and attention grabbing website which will present the photos of our guest house, description of our offer as well as all the necessary information. Moreover we should take care of submitting advertisements to the available tourists websites as well as to the local press.

Start-up costs?

From $300,000 to $1,000,000.

Possibility to work from home? 


Possibility to work part time?


Possibility to enter into a franchise agreement?


Possibility to work remotely?



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