How to open your own cafe

Opening one’s own cafe seems to be a perfect idea for a business as there is a great number of people who adore savouring the taste of delicious cakes and desserts coupled with a very good coffee or tea. With a proper  organisation and a little bit of luck this kind of business may generate a really high income. Nevertheless, we should remember about a few important issues:

The space

The café should have an appropriate floor space in order to ensure the customers a cosy atmosphere. The floor space should not be too small, because it may cause the customers to feel very uncomfortable. On the other hand, a floor space which is too large is also not recommended. A suggested floor space should be between 50 and 90 square metres.


The location of our café is the most important factor that influences the success of the whole investment. We should choose a location which is popular and frequently visited by a large number of people. The perfect place would be for instance a busy shopping centre. Obviously, we must be prepared that renting a business space in an attractive location is usually quite expensive.

Equipment and design

The purchase of a high quality equipment will undoubtedly increase our chances of a final success. Moreover, we must take care of purchasing the finest coffee seeds. Therefore, a very important matter is cooperating with an import company – such an approach will increase our competitiveness and prestige on the market. Additionally, we have to remember about the Health Protection Agency requirements that have to be fulfilled concerning our café. What is more, a vital issue is also choosing an appropriate design that must be attractive for the customers i.e. cosy and encouraging to frequent visits.

The quality

Taking care of the highest quality of products served at our café we have to consider employing the staff with a considerable experience. A professional barista will ensure that the coffee offered at our place will be extraordinary and will meet the expectations of even the most choosy enthusiasts of this noble beverage.

Start-up costs?

From $100,000 to $250,000

Possibility to work from home?  


Possibility to work part time?


Possibility to enter into a franchise agreement?


Possibility to work remotely?


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