How to open your own accounting office – small business idea

Almost every company cooperates with a reliable accounting office. Thanks to low start-up costs establishing one’s own accounting office is a quite good and profitable business idea. If you are thinking about running this kind of business, first you need to acquire appropriate licenses to be able to keep accounts. Additionally, accounting services can also be offered by a tax advisor. Moreover, we will require a third party liability insurance.


An attractive location is the factor which undoubtedly has a very large influence on the number of our potential customers. However, renting an office space in the strict city centre is very expensive, which may be a problem, especially in the initial stage of our development. For this reason it is better to start in a small office near the city centre or even in your own house or flat. Such a solution will help us minimize the costs. With the course of time, when we manage to acquire some steady customers we can consider moving our office to a different, more representative location.


Definitely, we will require some office furniture such as desks, chairs, shelves etc. A good idea is also arranging a place for our customers, in which they could wait for the previously scheduled meeting. Additionally, we should purchase a computer along with a high quality printer, fax and scanner. The computer must be equipped with an operating system and a professional accounting software. Obviously, we should not forget about some basic office accessories such as files, staplers, punches, binders etc.


We should be up to date with a tax law and the amendments to tax bills.


We should prepare a detailed marketing plan and invest some money in promotional materials in order to acquire customers.

Start-up costs?

From $10,000 to $30,000.

Possibility to work from home? 


Possibility to work part time?


Possibility to enter into a franchise agreement?


Possibility to work remotely?



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