How to open online bookstore business

In the century of constant technological development, more and more people decide to choose the Internet to satisfy their different needs. This fact is also a great opportunity for those who want to run an online business. At this point it must be emphasised that this kind of activity is characterized by a strong competitiveness. Any online business is, therefore, ideal for those who have a clear vision of themselves, and who do not fear to develop it. A worthwhile proposal for the e-business enthusiasts is an Internet bookstore.

The market

Internet shopping is gradually gaining more and more proponents. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that in order to acquire new customers, online book stores frequently engage in price-cutting war. However, if this practice is used too extensively, it may negatively affect the viability of our business. Consequently, a more reasonable strategy is to win the loyalty of the customers by focusing on high quality of service. First and foremost, we should take care of the proper, responsive customer service and prompt order fulfilment. In the case of any problems or delays the customer should be kept updated.

The strong competition to our business will be individual retailers offering books on the popular internet auction services. Thanks to low prices they are able to attract attention of a large number of the customers.

Drop shipping – an attractive option to consider

A drop shipping model (i.e. transferring shipment to the manufacturer or to the wholesaler) is frequently adopted in internet business. Thanks to this model, online shops can focus entirely on acquiring customers and on passing the orders to the supplier.

In the case of Internet book stores, the role of the supplier is usually reserved for the wholesalers, due to the low prices they offer.

The process of order fulfilment may also involve the transaction broker. His tasks will include collecting books from the wholesale and sending them to the customer. Obviously, an important matter is setting the appropriate fee for such a service – if it is too high, it will not be viable for us. Conversely, if it is too low, it will not be attractive for the broker. Negotiating a fee that will satisfy both sides is at least half the battle.

To make our offer more attractive, we can extend it to include increasingly popular e-books (i.e. books published in the electronic form).

Marketing strategy

Very important matter in the case of running any kind of the Internet shop is the choice of the appropriate dedicated software. Undoubtedly, it is worth optimising the script according to the search engine guidelines. If we do not possess sufficient knowledge in this area it is advisable to consult a search engine optimisation specialist.

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  1. Ntombi Bontle Ngobese says:

    I like this business idean and would really love to sell books. I am a reader my self and love it when people get knowledge about things they didn’t know off and also reading about experiences that could help one become a better person

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