Dog breeding – easy business to start?

A skilful ability to combine work and pleasure guarantees satisfaction in daily activities.  This simple principle also applies to business. Passion is, without doubt, an indispensible element of our life. Therefore, running a business strictly connected with our hobby is definitely a great solution for everyone interested in starting up a company. A good example is, for instance, establishing a dog breeding facility – an idea for business which may be particularly interesting to animal lovers.

Breed selection

A key factor in dog breeding is the selection of a particular breed we want to focus on. It is important to point out, that every breed requires different approach, and hence it is necessary to acquaint with many diverse characteristics of the available breeds. Very frequently, the selection of a breed is based on the individual preferences or even character traits of the breeder.

Moreover, we should be aware of the fact that dog breeding is connected with a considerable responsibility. A small breeding farm can probably be successfully maintained by one person, but a larger number of dogs will require employing a qualified staff.

Breed selection should also be based on the thorough knowledge about certain behaviour schemes of dogs. Therefore, picking an expert’s brain, or at least reading a specialised literature on the subject is a good idea. Additionally, as a priority, we should take care of the health of our pets. This task can be accomplished by feeding them with a properly balanced food, supplemented with vitamins. A particular attention should be given to puppies, since they are more vulnerable to a variety of external factors. Moreover, we should bear in mind that all dogs need a considerable amount of exercise.  For many breeds free outdoor running is vital for the appropriate development.

Location of a breeding facility

Due to its considerable limitations, city centre is not an ideal location when it comes to establishing a dog breeding facility. Even a small number of dogs requires a lot of free space. Therefore, a single-family house with a large neighbouring terrain, will suit our purposes perfectly. The next stage to go through is working on the behaviour of our pets. This aspect has to be developed systematically, regardless of the breed of a dog.


Running our own breeding farm enables us to direct it according to a precisely developed scenario. Irrespectively of our plans, we have to constantly extend our knowledge concerning the breed we have chosen. Additionally, if we are interested in displaying the assets of our dogs on various exhibitions we will have to select the small, most representative group. Such exhibitions and shows constitute great marketing opportunities, thanks to which we can advertise our business and get to the group of the potential customers.

Investment costs and additional fees

Obviously, the majority of the costs of our business will be generated by the purchase of the animals selected for the breeding purposes. The best solution is to invest in puppies, since it enables us to fully control their development. The cost varies according to the breed. Additionally, we have to take into account the costs of the food, vitamins and other supplements needed for the proper development of a dog. The next necessary requirement is taking care of the cyclic vaccinations and veterinarian visits. Finally, getting a pedigree certificate also requires paying a fee.

The sale of dogs can generate quite satisfactory incomes, ranging from several hundred, up to a few thousand dollars (depending on the particular breed and the individual predispositions of a dog). However, we should remember that animals should not be treated merely as a way to earn money. We should always treat them with respect and take good care of them.  Consequently, this idea for business is directed to dog lovers who are responsible, and who possess an extensive knowledge regarding many different dog breeds.

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